Energy Consumption Minimization in Railway Planning with modeFRONTIER

Teresa Montrone, ESTECO

CHALLENGE The estimation of train running times is part of defining the railway timetable. However, these are usually calculated without considering energy consumption. In this work, the energy consumption in the estimations is taken into account by defining an optimization problem to calculate the running times for defining the railway timetable.

SOLUTION - The problem is defined as the ECMP (energy consumption minimization problem) which considers a fixed travel duration and calculates running times that minimize energy consumption leading to a feasible train speed profile and driving regime combination in train itinerary. The proposed model is tested on a case study and the results are validated with the OpenTrack Railway Simulation Tool. The algorithm MOGA-II is used in modeFRONTIER for the optimization process.

BENEFITS - OpenTrack train speed profile and results are compared with algorithm outcomes in modeFRONTIER. Results show a 0.47% change in time and a -1.29% change in energy consumption using the proposed optimization methodology.