Enhancing deterministic synthesis of antenna arrays with stochastic methods

Alessandro Cuttin, University of Trieste

CHALLENGE - A single element antenna cannot always meet the needs of a specific application so instead of an overly complex radiating element, a set of simpler antennas can be used (array antennas). A proposal for a flat, thin, and light antenna array is conceived for CubeSat, a space satellite.

SOLUTION This study is about the optimization of a geometrically uniform array, whose geometrical envelope is imposed by the application scenario. In this case, the radiating elements are uniformly distributed over a regular grid. Objectives are to maximize directivity, and minimize sidelobe levels. EM simulation tool CST Microwave Studio and the optimization environment modeFRONTIER are chosen for the optimization process. 

BENEFITS - The solution for an optimized rectangular antenna array has been found using modeFRONTIER as the optimization driver running the genetic algorithm NSGA-II. Among the results, max gain increased by 5%. Requirements satisfaction has been verified in the study.