ESTECO webinar | Complex Workflow Management with modeFRONTIER

As designs get more complex and touch more domains, it's crucial to understand system interactions and behavior to take informed decisions, based on the overall performance.

​In this webinar Alberto Clarich ( Technical Manager, ESTECO) and Giulio Cassio (Application Engineer, ESTECO) demonstrate how modeFRONTIER provides new advanced features for project complexity handling: a dedicated panel for workflow setting (Workflow Global Properties), the Design Space Node, the improved Subprocess Node and many more.

Why watching this webinar?

  • Automate the execution of complex chains of preprocessing and simulation tools with modeFRONTIER.
  • Take advantage of the very flexible workflow and the wide range of direct integration nodes for the most popular simulation tools.
  • Optimize your design choosing among of innovative algorithms to determine the set of best possible solutions combining the complex set of opposing objectives.