ESTECO Webinar | Make your design optimization project run fast with modeFRONTIER and ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack

​ESTECO and ANSYS Product Managers demonstrate how the integration between Ansys HPC Parametric Pack and modeFRONTIER 2016 resulted in consistent time savings achieved at BorgWarner.

In this webinar Danilo Di Stefano (Product Manager, modeFRONTIER - ESTECO), Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager, modeFRONTIER - ESTECO) and Simon Pereira (Product Manager, DesignXplorer - ANSYSdemonstrates the benefits of using the new integration between Ansys HPC Parametric Pack and modeFRONTIER 2016 by presenting the results of two industrial application in the automotive field.

Why watching this webinar?

  • This webinar give insights on how to better leverage company's private cloud or HPC systems for faster simulation analysis.
  • The case studies will show how to make the use of computational resources more efficient and save time with the joint use of the newly released modeFRONTER 2016 and ANSYS WB HPC Parametric Pack, that will make design optimization projects execute faster.​
  • ​​The first application was developed by BorgWarner Morse system and EnginSoft, dealing with the optimization of a tensioner arm.
  • The second case study is aimed at improving the design of heat exchangers and part of an EU funded project, OptimHex.