ESTECO Webinar | Spot on Response Surface Methods (RSM) in modeFRONTIER

RSM-based optimization is an excellent strategy to manage heavy simulation processes: by acting as surrogates of simulation models, RSMs let engineers fast-run the classic optimization process.
Additionally, RSM models are a key tool for advanced predictive error estimation, complex problem description, data validation.

In this webinar, Danilo Di Stefano (Product Manager, modeFRONTIER - ESTECO) and Alberto Clarich (Technical Manager, modeFRONTIER - ESTECO) demonstrate the newly added RSM Trainer Node, and how to combine it with the innovative Adaptive Space Filler (ASF) and other analytics tools in modeFRONTIER.

Why watching this webinar?

  • This webinar give insights on the advanced RSM capabilities included in modeFRONTIER
  • Discover the new automation of RSM training and learn how to re-use the model both for the same workflow and other projects​​
  • Find out how the new Adaptive Space Filler combines state-of-the-art space filling strategies with the predictive ability of response surfaces.
  • Get to know two real-world case studies leveraging modeFRONTIER RSM capabilities