Evolutionary multi-objective design optimisation of energy harvesting MEMS

Elhadj Benkhelifa, Mansour Moniri, Ashutosh Tiwari, Alfonso G. de Rueda (Staffordshire University, UK)

The design and optimization of Energy Harvesting (EH) Micro-Electromechanical-Systems (MEMS) is of particular interest in this research.The application of such devices is becoming an attractive alternative to the traditional use of batteries in wireless and body sensor networks. An evolutionary Multi-Objective Design Optimization (DO) Framework is developed to experiment with one class of EH-MEMS, namely, Piezoelectric, using a reconstructed analytical model of the system. The application of such a Framework in this application domain is unprecedented and has already shown very promising results and in some cases it outperformed the human engineer. A thorough analysis of the results has been undertaken, which reveals interesting conclusions about the behaviour and physics of such devices. Besides, the main features of the Framework are explored enabling the enhancement of the MEMS-DO. The authors are grateful to the support of EnginSoft-UK as the main sponsor of the project and for providing the licence to their software tool modeFRONTIER and for their technical assistance.