Field Analysis and Multi-objective Design Optimization of E-Core Transverse-Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Motor

Dongshan Fu, Yanliang Xu (Shandong University)

CHALLENGE - Linear motor can drive linear load directly without the rotary-to-linear conversion as needed for its counterpart rotary motor, which have the advantages of high acceleration, high precision and high operating life. Transverse-flux permanent magnet linear motor (TFPMLM) enjoys the additional merits resulting from the transverse-flux structure, such as high force density, high fault-tolerant ability and electromagnetic decoupling. However, the TFPMLM always features a complicate structure and suffers from large magnetic flux leakage. nalyzing the motor efficiently and accurately is one of the key factors for motor’s optimal design. ​

SOLUTION - A novel E-core TFPMLM is optimally designed using NSGA-II algorithm, provided by modeFRONTIER software, based on SC mapping method. The objective of the optimization is to reduce the mover volume whilst maximizing the ratio of thrust force versus current. SC mapping method is applied for the motor analysis, which greatly improves the optimization efficiency. The Paretooptimal set and associated Pareto-optimal front are obtained. ​









BENEFITS - Some Pareto-optimal solutions are chosen to analyze the motor’s performance using 3-D FEM, in order to verify the accuracy of SC mapping method.