Increasing passive safety performances using an automatic CAE methodology

C. Martin, A. Ortalda (EnginSoft), L.Iannetti (BETA CAE Italy ), Z. Wen (ESTECO)

CHALLENGE - In the automotive industry, safety requirements are more and more stringent leading to engineering challenges in finding the best tradeoff between crashworthiness performances, structure weight, design and production costs. The goal of the activity is to develop an automatic optimization work flow for a car door. The final objective is to fulfill the safety requirements and obtain the best rating in the pole test.​

SOLUTION -  For this purpose, the door geometry has been parameterized by means of the morphing tool available in ANSA. All the crashworthiness performances were investigated with LS-Dyna. The work flow has been efficiently handled by modeFRONTIER which manages also the definition of all the designs of experiment (DOEs),taking into account a variety of algorithms. Both geometrical modifications and material characteristics’ variations play an important role in how the impact energy is absorbed by the door and, therefore, how the passenger safety can or cannot be guaranteed.







BENEFITS - The selected software have been proved to be the best-in-class in their field of application and now are part of an innovative automatic methodology suitable both in the concept phase than in the design phase of a car or a complex structure in general. ​