Introduction of the optimization case study of magnetic circuit analysis integrated with jmag

Seiji Nishita (IDAJ)

CHALLENGE - Optimize the shape of a rotor of an interior permanent magnet motor to maximize the average driving torque and minimize the cogging torque.

SOLUTION - The modeFRONTIER workflow included two JMAG direct integration nodes: one for the load analysis (with a battery) and one for the no-load analysis (without a battery). The optimization was driven by a genetic algorithm and 400 designs were computed in about 40 hours. The CAP tool available in modeFRONTIER was used to better understand the behavior of the system inputs.












BENEFITS - modeFRONTIER was not only able to identify reliable solutions through magnetic field analysis optimization, but also to provide engineers with a detailed knowledge on the system behavior, which could thus be applied to similar design problems.