Is MDO the enabler to the Technology that is driving the Change

Tayeb Zeguer - JLR

CHALLENGE - New systems thinking is encouraged to improve collaboration among employees to drive efficiency in the automobile industry. Simulation tools are only used by CAE experts, usually specialized in only one discipline. Traditional MDO (multidisciplinary design optimization) is an expert dependent process, which may not reach the full potential of advanced MDO technologies. Therefore, a new approach that drives collaboration among all team members needs to be implemented.

SOLUTION - A test case is the design of an active pedestrian protection bonnet of a vehicle at Jaguar Land Rover with the aim of reducing design process time and complexity. The automatic CAE model is built and analyzed by a CAD engineer. The meta-models provided by a CAE analyst are used.​ Genetic algorithms from optimizer modeFRONTIER are used to quickly search for a global optimum (in minutes), and maximize the total Head Injury Criterion (HIC) score of the bonnet. ​

BENEFITS Results show a reduction in production times from hours on High Performance Computing​, or HPC (running full FEA analyses) to seconds (using meta-models) on PCs as well as a reduction in the demand on in-house HPC resources. The multidisciplinary optimization process will engage all team members simultaneously with regards to packaging, manufacturing constraints, CAD and CAE.