modeFrontier Application to Innovative Wind Generators

Alberto Tessarolo| University of Trieste, Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali

Wind generation has been gaining increasing importance over the last decades and there is great interest in enhancing wind turbine performances and decreasing costs.


The University of Trieste has analyzed the and enhanced the design of a slotless micro-wind generator successively produced and tested by Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali. Such micro-wind generation systems convey several advantages allowing for a simple installation with a little aesthetical impact, are very silent and can exploit wind energy at almost any speed. These characteristics make the micro-wind generation more suitable for deployment in urban environments.


modeFRONTIER supported the researchers in identifying the optimal design able to meet simultaneously multiple objectives. Firstly the best combination of poles and slot of the turbine stator was determined and allowed to stabilize the cogging torque effects. The second optimization campaign aimed at minimizing the total permanent-magnet weight, minimizing the torque ratio while maximizing the generation efficiency. By
automating the analysis within modeFRONTIER the initial set of optimal designs was progressively reduced and the design constraints were considered (outer diameter, temperature, maximum flux density). The final design was identified, accurate structural and electromagnetic analysis were performed and the generator was then manufactured and tested.


Benefits obtained The use of modeFRONTIER highly simplifed the design process by shortening the development time. Test results conformed the effectiveness of the design approach and showed enhancement in the direct efficiency measurement (97.2%), in the measurement of the cogging torque (less than 0.2Nm) and of the voltage drop (less than 10% at full load).