A modeFRONTIER application to reduce time and costs of experimental sessions -the washing machine case -


The problem involving the design of a washing machine is to find out which is the best configuration so that some experimental tests are needed. The number of the experiments needs to be reduced so as to minimize time and related costs. The solution is based on Design of Experiments theory which offers a full comprehension of all the information given by the experimental tests. Furthermore, a virtual model in order to avoid further experimental tests is created. The optimal working conditions of a Washing Machine need to be investigated. In addition, the influence of some parameters about the life of the component must be checked. There are 12 unknown parameters. More than 4000 experiments are required to get the most relevant correlations among these. Through the experimental tests session and then the coupling with modeFRONTIER, the accomplishments involved a detailed study of the input parameters on the Washing Machine working as well as a mathematical model of the Washing Machine itself.

The mathematical model lets the designer recognize the optimal working conditions of the Washing Machine by strongly reducing the number of further experimental tests. In this case a specific mathematical algorithm has been used, thus reducing the number of experiments from 4000 to 500.