modeFRONTIER Implementation Challenges and Benefits at IAI

Ohad Gur (Israel Aerospace Industries)

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) is considered a common practice for complex engineering design problems characterized by a high number of design variables, multiple conflicting cost functions (multiple objectives) and numerous constraints, which are all product of different discipline simulations. The use of MDO at IAI, facilitated by modeFRONTIER, is presented via 3 case studies. In case of the prop-rotor design, modeFRONTIER helped engineers find the best compromise between different flight regimes; in the case of the design of an auxiliary power unit compartment, the software found the optimum considering multi-disciplinary design characteristics, such as heat transfer, aerodynamics and internal flow; finally in the case of the design of a solar-powered UAV, modeFRONTIER achieved a perfect energy balance between solar radiation, battery pack and the air-vehicle required operating power.