modeFRONTIER Product Update @UM16

Danilo Di Stefano, ESTECO

modeFRONTIER improves in numerous areas: usability, workflow, charts, direct CAE nodes, algorithms, documentation. The viewpoint in innovation is to consolidate specialized expertise and streamline teamwork to improve efficiency and reduce complexity, and cutting development time.

A combination of 3 interfaces (mF, mP, mS) provide modular access to functionalities. modePROCESS (mP) is intended for describing processes in the form of graphical workflows, that specifies which parameters and calculaIons are required to solve an engineering design problem. modeSPACE (mS) includes the sophisticated set of modeFRONTIER tools for data analysis and investigation of problem characteristics both in post-processing and pre-optimization.

pilOPT: self-adapting one-click optimizer. A new pilOPT is released that responds to a wider variety of engineering designs problems, increased performance with single-objecIve problems, better exploitation of computational resources, and effective handling of problems with discrete variables.

modeFRONTIER 2016 supports the HPC license consumption scheme from Ansys Workbench. Multiple concurrent design evaluations without checking out additional Workbench licenses. New processing nodes are available (RSM trainer node, classifier node, DesignSpace node).

In basic and expert mode, Advanced algorithm parameters (optimizers, DOE and RSM) can now be hidden. Focusing only on the parameters are essential for the correct algorithm function.

In Automatic RSM training mode, going straight from data to metamodels with less clicks and less parameter settings. The RSM evaluation chart is useful to compare multiple RSMs. The sensitivity analysis tool has variable screening to exclude variables from optimization or RSM projects.