Modeling and Optimization of Positive Displacement Pumps for High Pressure Fluid Power Applications

Andrea Vacca (Purdue University)

CHALLENGE - This presentation focuses on the approach formulated by the Maha Fluid Power Research Center of Purdue University for simulating and optimizing the design of positive displacement machines for Fluid Power Applications. The Maha Fluid Power Research Center is the biggest academic lab fully dedicated to fluid power research in US.

SOLUTION - Researchers at Purdue university formulated a general method for modeling and optimizing the design of hydrostatic units. The approach involves the modeling of different domains, from the kinematic operation of the unit and the main fluid dynamics aspects of the displacing action, to the micro level simulation of the micro-motions of the parts in relative motions and the internal lubricating gaps that characterize the main sources of power loss in the unit. With particular reference to gear pumps, the presentation will details the research approach including the strategies used to achieve optimal designs through modeFrontier optimization workflows.