Modular Discrete Event Simulation of Aircraft Wing Manufacturing using Collaborative Technologies


CHALLENGE - EPES, an EU funded research project in manufacturing and sustainability engineering, aims at producing a set of tools for improving products, services and processes. The project's goal involves all facets of sustainability in decision-making. This presentation addresses the process of aircraft wing manufacturing design with the objective of creating an automated process by integrating various tools.

SOLUTION - The main task is the integration of computational analysis tasks with business process modelling as follows: coordinated execution of manual and automated analysis tasks, integration of various tools (simulation, LCA, etc.), tracking of key performance indicators, and support for the business process management cycle. Regarding the optimization of manufacturing resources, goals are a minimal number of machines and tools with constraints of a given rate of manufacturing, and at most a 90% utilization rate for resources. The various software tools which are integrated are Alfresco & Activities for main user interface and integrated content management, Pentaho for data integration and analysis, and the platform SOMO for simulation integration, optimization and visualization. 











BENEFITS - The proposed method shows that the use of SOMO for the automation of simulation eliminates the need to use processMODELER for each case resulting in an automatic workflow and optimization setup process. Tool flexibility is paramount to the project, and such collaborative tools can streamline multi-discipline engineering processes.