MOGA & MOGT strategies comparison for a cab vivro-acoustic optimization

M. Seppi, G. Miccoli (IMAMOTER), V. Pediroda, L. Bregant (University of Trieste)

In this presentation a wheel loader cab vibro-acoustic inner field optimization has been carried out by means of the modeFRONTIER code.

Two optimization procedures have been compared:

  • MOGA (Multi--Objective Genetic Algorithm)
  • MOGT (Multi--Objective Game Theory)

Both the two optimization procedures prove to perform well and particular attention has to be paid on the design variables discretization as far as the MOGT procedure is concerned. The MOGT procedure is faster whereas the MOGA procedure proves to be a little more efficient in terms of Pareto front solutions and more efficient in terms of robustness in this multi-objective design optimization. The choice, whether to use one or the other procedure has to be done considering the actual case and in particular the engineering point of view