Morphological Shape Optimization of a Three Dimensional Piston Bowl using modeFRONTIER and Sculptor

T. Newill (Optimal Solutions)

This presentation explain how to set up a morphological shape optimization project by integrating Converge CFD and Sculptor with modeFRONTIER. This procedure simplifies the entire routine and productivity increases 5 times thanks to the automation of tasks. By quickly parametrizing complex models and controlling the whole process just from the interface of modeFORNTIER, designers avoid to build the initial mesh and have no need to “re-CAD” or “re-mesh”.

The design of a 3D piston bowl was optimized, trying to maximize the turbulent kinetic energy and the mass flow rate. By alternating the SAnGeA and FAST optimization methods the turbulent kinetic energy was increased by 2.2% and the mass flow rate by 0.55%. The automation capabilities of modeFRONTIER allowed to save a large amount of time, spending just 4 hours to complete the project instead of 150 needed for the manual procedure.