MSC NASTRAN | Integration Node

MSC Nastran is directly integrated in modeFRONTIER through the Nastran node. The platform assists designers as an automation environment and a multiobjective optimization engine for MSC Nastran multidisciplinary structural analysis. Model parameters are directly extracted thanks to a simple guided process and used as inputs in the workflow of modeFRONTIER. The static, dynamic and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains performed by engineers in Nastran can be enhanced by including multiple objectives and constraints to the analysis. 


Nastran direct integration

The integration node capabilities have been expanded to streamline multidisciplinary structural optimization. The new node include the full integration capabilities with NASTRAN to speed up the coupling process and exploit the automation power of modeFRONTIER



ModeFrontier Advantages

  • Improving product performance Increase quality and robustness despite uncertainties.
  • Understanding crucial cost/performance factors Implement rational decision process between trade-off solutions.
  • Reducing product development time Exploit CAD/CAE tools already in use together with high quality response surface models using experimental data.

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