Multi-Objective and Multi-Constraint Ride -Comfort and Handling Optimization with modeFRONTIER

Christina Winge, Marco Spinelli, Marco Occhineri (FIAT Group)

The applications involved 4 different vehicle models in the customized version of ADAMS/Car MBSHARC for a unique optimization involving two conflicting objectives Ride-Comfort and Handling performance. The studies allowed to gain a deep understanding of the correlation between all parameters and performances. The optimization allowed a certain improvement of both aspects Handling and Comfort and in particular enabled to choose a “best compromise” considering the personalized target setting related to different vehicles. The use of modeFRONTIER allows to save time in particular in a long term perspective and hence to focus on and to analyze the results thus reducing the efforts spent normally on daily continuous modifications of the models and multiple analysis. The short calculation time in the Multibody environment allows to perform the optimization in only a few days time. The study involving the robustness of the solution allowed to define a suspension set-up taking into consideration also the minimization of the dispersion of the vehicle performance due to the production tolerances of the suspension. The procedure created could be applied for any other vehicle, reducing vehicle testing e experimental tuning - time and costs, approaching an optimum solution already from the start.