Multi-objective optimization applied to the mass reduction of a plastic part

Enginsoft France

The case study presents a multidisciplinary optimization related to the thermoplastic industry. At the PEP technical center for innovation on thermoplastic injection modeFRONTIER to obtain the optimal combination of materials and dimensions. The innovative power of the optimization methodology lies in the possibility to identify solutions which have not even been considered at the first steps of the design process. By taking advantage of four software modules coupled with modeFRONTIER, Pro-Engineer, Abaqus, Moldflow and CFX, it was possible to build a multidisciplinary workflow enabling mass reduction, deformation reduction and a better resistance to mechanical constraints.



This case study deals with the re-design of a cup with the objectives of decreasing the mass by 10% and maintaining the compression force resistance and the cup’scapacity. The analysis of the optimization results allowed to determine feasible compromises between the cup’s weight and the deformation.