Multi Objective Optimization of Medium Voltage Reclosers

Octavian Craciun (ABB)

CHALLENGE - Medium voltage reclosers are protection devices for medium voltage grid operators which are often integrated into overhead line towers. Finding the right configuration for the components piloting the process is not only crucial in terms of recloser lifetime but also enables excellent switching properties, ultimately improving energy performance.









SOLUTION - ABB engineers built a two-step optimization framework that incorporates the energy efficiency constraints by working initially on the actuator model and directly optimizing the Finite Elements Model (FEM) representation. The numerical simulation step was then completed with physical calibration via a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) optimization process, ensuring that the whole system reaches the desired performance.

BENEFITS -  ESTECO’s optimization platform was key to achieving the optimal timing and switching frequencies for the closing operation in the first phase and a fast and precise tuning of the recloser travel curve in the second. By offering a rich environment to build custom, multi-domain system analysis, modeFRONTIER made it possible to enhance performance, robustness and lifetime of the recloser design