Multi-objective Optimization of a V6 3.0L diesel engine under different operative conditions

Andrea Bedogni, Alessandro Piccaglia, Francesco Franchini (FCA, Enginsoft)

CHALLENGE - The aim of this study is to determine an optimal engine configuration for an L630 GEN3 engine. The performance enhancement of the engine should be applicable over a wide range of operating conditions, which include full load, part load, and transient maneuvers.

SOLUTION - The first stage of design exploration is usually a sensitivity analysis aimed at understanding the input/output correlations, and increasing our know-how on the system. The optimization process was run in modeFRONTIER, which was coupled with the GT-Suite engine model. 750 engine configurations have been evaluated, finding several solutions belonging to the Pareto Frontier of the problem. The choice of the final optimum has been made thanks to the MCDM tool (Multi-Criteria Decision Maker).








BENEFITS - The most consistent improvement can be observed in transient engine performance. In this study, the time-to-torque at 1500 rpm is reduced by 15% with respect to the baseline configuration.