Multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization of a wind turbine

Silvia Poles (Enginsoft)

CHALLENGE - Designing a wind turbine is a multidisciplinary process, characterized by subsequent transformations and phases. This study aims to optimize the wind turbine with regard to maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost, with focus on a full 3D CFD optimization of the horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), analysis of grouted connections for monopile wind turbine foundations, and transport, lifting, and installation.

SOLUTION - HAWT optimization is commonly based on BEM techniques but this method cannot describe the 3D effects experienced by the blades, giving poor feedback to designers. Therefore, modeFRONTIER was chosen to conduct full 3D CFD simulations. Output parameters included optimal generator capacity, power produced at each wind speed, and total energy produced.











BENEFITS - Results are presented in terms of chord and pitch angle distributions and are compared with a benchmark case available in the literature. The proposed method using modeFRONTIER shows results for optimizing HAWT and will be used in future studies on multiobjective optimization of small and medium wind turbines.