Multiobjective Optimization on Urban Flooding Using RSM and GA

Xinggang Tang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Mehdi Rezoug, Rabbar Hamzaoui, David Bassir, Rani El Meouche, Jean François Khreim (FIT / ESTP/ Constructibility Research Institute), Zhi Qiang Feng (Evry University)

Urban flooding due to climate changes, dam breaking and drainage systems being overwhelmed by rainfall causes a huge loss to mankind civilization every year all over the world. This work aims to minimize the flooding damage by optimally design the building location and interspace. The velocity, water pressure and the height of water are considered as the main factors to reduce the flooding damage. The multi-objective optimization is implemented by combing several techniques, including Design of Experiment (DOE), Response Surface Method (RSM) and the Genetic Algorithm (GA). The proposed methodology is validated with a case study on the topography of ESTP Cachan.