Numerical Optimization of Analytical Measurement Techniques to Contribute to Improvement of Product Engineering Techniques

Takashi Yamazaki (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)

CHALLENGE - Ensuring high product reliability by preventing human error when performing physical and chemical analysis of hardware is key to Fujitsu analytical group. Nanometer level measurement or tools like the low-dose alpha rays detectors are indispensable for demonstrating the high reliability of the company’s products. However, the setup and calibration phases can be very tedious and challenging.

SOLUTION - In the first case presented, modeFRONTIER was used to analyze the strain measurement at nanometer scale, rather than relying on the conventional method implying human intervention. modeFRONTIER’s optimization algorithms and RSM improve verification accuracy and the efficiency of matching experimental data and FEM results. In the second application, the shape of the low-dose alpha rays detector was improved in order to capture all the rays irradiated from a standard radiation source.













BENEFITS - modeFRONTIER’s optimization and analytical tools provided Fujitsu with a reliable method for assessing measurement procedures and performing a more accurate tuning. Thanks to the multi-objective approach enabled by modeFRONTIER, the verification between experimental and simulation results was improved and the reliability of commercial devices successfully evaluated.