Optimisation in Development Phase of Vehicles Related to Total Cost of Ownership

Alexander Orellano (Bombardier)

CHALLENGE - The AeroEfficient technology approach adopted by Bombardier and the multi-disciplinary optimization capabilities in modeFRONTIER takes into account constraints deriving from crash safety, structure, industrial design and ergonomic limits of the cabin to reduce aerodynamic drag. However, the most drag-efficient engineering concept presents weight concerns and high maintenance costs.

​SOLUTION - Bombardier developed a cost model by converting the technical performance into monetary values. By combining all the sub-models in the same workflow, modeFRONTIER helped engineers to incorporate in the aerodynamics analysis all cost linked to maintainability, reliability, mass constraints and energy consumption.

BENEFITS - Thanks to the ESTECO technology, Bombardier was able to translate conflicting requirements into monetary values thus reflecting the total cost of ownership (TCO). This enables all involved parties (different departments and suppliers) to independently use optimization tools for their scope and earning a powerful communication tool when it comes to interacting.