Optimization approach for ship design

Prabu Duplex (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)

CHALLENGE - Properly designed bulbous bow is very effective for reducing resistance. Aft body optimization is done to mitigate stern waves, improve flow into the propeller and avoid eddy effects. Potential solvers are used to evaluate wave making effects through aft shoulders however viscous calculations are needed to evaluate aft body flow dominated viscous effects. This work is targeted to achieve energy efficiency by bulbous bow optimization.

SOLUTION - Ship's energy efficiency can be improved by optimizing main and auxiliary engine performance, implementing efficient technologies, and optimizing transport work. This work is aimed at bulbous bow design of a fishing vessel in commercial optimization software modeFRONTIER, coupled with a potential solver REVA developed by Ecole Centrale de Nantes. By applying suitable constraints and an appropriate hyperbolic equation the designed bulbous bow reduced wave resistance considerably. The objective is to optimize the bulbous bow of a fishing vessel, for minimizing hull resistance at speeds 5 and 10 Knots respectively.

BENEFITS - The bulbous bow has been modified successfully with reduction in significant wave resistance values. The simplex algorithm of modeFRONTIER with standard range of parameters and random DOE resulted in good convergence of the parameters. Resistance at 10 knots marks a 29% improvement after running the optimization process.