Optimization of a double sided centrifugal pump

Aljaž Škerlavaj (Kolektor Turboinštitut)

CHALLENGE - Centrifugal pumps are widely used in industrial applications. Compared to single-entry centrifugal pumps, double-sided pumps allow transportation of greater flow rates due to smaller proneness to cavitation, and offer counter-balancing of axial hydraulic forces due to double-entry design.  The optimization techniques bring many benefits over the traditional "trial-and-error" design process: shorter design phase, exploration of design space in a more systematic way, development with less hard-to-spot human-based errors, etc. In turbomachines, usually multiple objectives have to be optimized.​

SOLUTION - The optimization study of a double-sided centrifugal pump with specific speed nq=62 (per impeller side)​ was performed within modeFRONTIER optimization platform​. During the optimization only the impeller geometry was allowed to be modified, while the rest of the geometry was fixed. The objective of the study was twofold:​ to compare different Response Surface Methods (RSMs) for their ability to predict pump efficiency; ​to propose and validate an economical decoupled simulation method for the optimization of a pump.

BENEFITS - The presented method with estimation of flow losses in the volute represents a good approach for quick optimization​.