Optimization - shifting from the guru desk into the company workflow

Lugli (Ferrari)

The most common and intuitive optimization process in the engineering arena is the “try and try again” approach, which relies for success on experience and testing. This kind of technique is in use since the earliest times. If we consider how it performs for engineering, we find out it does well. It is simple, everyone understands it and some improvements come eventually into being. The “try and try again” approach is valid today as in the past. In addition, we have new tools provided by IT that give us unprecedented computational and communication power to exploit. Computer Aided Optimization – or digital optimization - comes on the scene. Since digital optimization relies on tools that are available throughout the whole business workflow, its success is proportional to the fraction of  workflow subject to it: the more the fraction, the more the success. This means that anyone willing to benefit from digital optimization must bear in mind one critical cornerstone: to have a larger fraction, digital optimization has to be in the hands of a larger number of engineers, i.e. companies need to bring optimization to everyone desk. To achieve that goal is a demanding challenge to take up.