Optimization of Suspension Design for Commuter Motorbikes

Nachiket Kasarekar (ESTECO India)

CHALLENGE - Suspension design variables plays a key role when adapting a motorbike to different road and traffic conditions. Steering torque and ratio rate should be considered for different type of maneuvers, along with acceleration at rider center of gravity when coming to comfort parameters.

SOLUTION - Engineers at Bajaj Auto defined an optimization process to tweak front and rear motorbike suspensions. In particular, modeFRONTIER optimization platform was integrated with VI-Motorcycle to automatically modify subsystem and system parameters in order to find the best trade-off solutions to minimize the steering torque and maximize the roll rate for four different maneuvers.

BENEFITS - The front suspension optimization led to a reduction of the steering torque and to a roll rate increase, while a trade-off solution was achieved for four different track maneuvers. The rear suspension optimization allowed engineers to successfully implement a three rate spring stiffness as design variable and to impose innovative constraints on spring stiffness ratios.