Reliability Based Structural Optimization of an Aircraft Wing

Melike Nikbay, Necati Fakkusoglu, Muhammet N. Kuru (Istanbul Technical University)

Today, in aircraft industry, there is a great competition to release new aircraft designs which are faster, more efficient, more economical, more reliable and even quieter than the former ones - both in military and civil applications. The challenging multi-disciplinary task of aircraft design can be realized by incorporation of numerical optimization techniques in the industrial design process. However, there are always uncertainties related to design parameters modelling, manufacturing process, operating conditions and human factors when designing a new aircraft.








In this work, a reliability based design optimization methodology is proposed by implementation of a homemade RBDO code based on Reliability Index Approach (RIA) into a structural optimization framework composed in the modeFRONTIER® optimization tool. The presented work shows good results when compared to the deterministic optimization results of the same problem studied formerly.