Robust Design Optimization of a Free-Fall-Life-Boat (FFLB) Using Fluid-Structure Interaction and Kinematics Analysis

G. Korbetis, S. Chatzimoisiadis, D. Drougkas - BETA CAE

CHALLENGE - Free fall lifeboats are usually found on oil platforms and large transport vessels​ for emergency evacuation by free falling and moving away from the host structure as fast as possible. In this project, the aim is to achieve a robust trajectory for the lifeboat in order to evacuate passengers safely under any circumstances.

SOLUTION The parameters considered during the design and verification process of the lifeboat are the occupants’ acceleration, vessel strength and successful departure from the hazardous area. This study aims to minimize the CAR index (combined acceleration ratio.). The software modeFRONTIER coupled ANSA, Meta and the FSI solver. The algorithm used for this optimization case was Simplex as it provides fast convergence and requires a small number of initial designs. LS-DYNA was the FSI solver that provided the displacement and acceleration results that was used for responses.

BENEFITS - The optimizer modeFRONTIER has built-in ANSA & Meta Nodes, constraint and objective stochastic responses, and has the ability to provide stochastic values for the three position input variables. A small shift towards less CAR values indicates that reaching the objective has been successful.