Simplified FE Modeling of Rolling Tires for the Simulation of Dynamic Forces at Hub Level

G. Bartolozzi (FCA)

Being the support of the vehicle and providing forces necessary to control it, pneumatic tires are one of the most important components. Nevertheless, they are probably the most challenging components that have to be modeled due to both their complicated composition and the materials used in their manufacturing process. 

Engineers at CRF, the R&D department of FCA Group were looking for a proper representation of this component to allow a proper description of the excitation coming from the road in order to move one step closer to the so called “full-vehicle simulation”. By combining modeFRONTIER capabilities with MSC Nastran structural analysis, defined a more simple but still reliable model to of the complicated composition and the materials​ of the tires to predict with sufficient accuracy the forces at the hub of the wheel, allowing for more precision in the NVH finite element (FE) analysis​.