Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Thermal Parameters of Large-Format Laminated Lithium-Ion Batteries

Jianbo Zhang, Bin Wu, Zhe Li, Jun Huang (State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy - Tsinghua University)

CHALLENGE - Lithium-ion batteries have proven higher energy density and longer life cycles than secondary batteries, yet HEV/EV manufacturers are held back due to thermal limitations. This paper presents a coupled experimental/computational method to simultaneously determine multiple thermal parameters of large laminated lithium-ion batteries. 

SOLUTION - A method to simultaneously estimate multiple thermal parameters was validated. Heat conduction was modeled based on a two-dimensional axially-symmetric model containing heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and interfacial thermal conductance. Multiple thermal parameters were estimated by minimizing the residuals using optimization software. 












BENEFITS - Model data, COMSOL, MATLAB and thermal parameters were tuned by modeFRONTIER to optimize a minimum between simulated and measured temperature. The method developed has several advantages over traditional measurement methods since it achieves the simultaneous insitu measurement for multiple thermal parameters. The method can also be applied for other objects with complex structures.