Study to Develop Optimum Shape for Compressor Entrance Guide Vane

Anil Can Agar, Ford Otosan

CHALLENGE - This presentation is delivered from Ford Otosan, Turkey. The Air Intake System (AIS) is a term for group of components responsible for delivering the air into combustion chamber in internal combustion engines. The challenges of attaining a robust AIS are low package space, poor flow, and compressor related problems.

SOLUTION - An inlet guide vane is designed for an Ecotorq EU6 engine. This component is used to improve flow characteristics upstream on compressor inlet. This study aims for the optimization of this component with a workflow built by modeFRONTIER software. The two main output parameters for the study were swirl ratio and pressure drop. Design is parametrized using CAD software CATIA. 4 design parameters were optimized for the device. A 250 design DoE is generated in batch mode driven by modeFRONTIER. The obtained solution is again validated in StarCCM+.and the best design is chosen among pareto designs by visual filtering on a parallel coordinates chart.

BENEFITS - Virtual optimization is performed using the NSGA-II algorithm in modeFRONTIER. The optimized design fulfills Swirl Ratio requirement and has acceptable ∆P (pressure drop) increase of 7%. Furthermore, project delivery time was reduces from weeks to days.