Take-off optimization

Luca Candela, Sapienza - University of Rome

CHALLENGE - An aeronautical engineering case is presented by SASA Sapienza Flight Team that takes part in the Design/Build/Fly (DBF) competition organized by AIAA. In this case, the best aircraft configuration is the aim by using a proposed methodology in a modeFRONTIER workflow.

SOLUTION - Objectives of this study are the shaft power minimization (reduce required power to take off and reduce battery weight) and wing area minimization (high cruise speed with low sensitivity to wind gusts). The workflow consisted of DoE using uniform Latin hypercube, MOGA II optimization node in modeFRONTIER, Matlab and Support files node. Aerodynamic software such as AVL and XFOIL were applied to the methodology for design and analysis.

BENEFITS - The optimum aircraft configuration resulted in shaft power of 210 W. The methodology carried out with optimizer modeFRONTIER and certain aerodynamic programs brings optimum results for building more efficient aircraft.