Understanding Real World Variations to Optimize New Generation Welding Processes

Pasquale Fransciosa (University of Warwick)

CHALLENGE - Based on the objectives of the Remote Laser Welding (RLW) Navigator project, partners aim at building an innovative joining technology platform for the automotive industry by combining a universal simulation engine and the manufacturing system design information (CAD/CAM) with statistical analysis, variation simulation, optimization and control tools.

​SOLUTION - Optimization is applied in many of steps of the process starting from the RLW Cell Configuration to enhance the robot trajectory and welding sequence to the RLW process design phase to improve fixture layout and laser parameters. Also, modeFRONTIER acted as workflow manager for the overall platform and enabling reduced processing time and environmental impact.

BENEFITS - A wide variety of modeFRONTIER features turned out to be the key for platform development in both the optimization and integration level. The software enabled optimization loops for the fixture optimization module and RSM-based routines for streamlining the repeating tasks of the laser parameter optimization providing end-users with a powerful and robust platform for enhanced welding.