Upfront CAE Driven Design “The Future of Simulation”

Tayeb Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover)

Competition and customer demand are constantly pushing automotive manufacturers to launch new models at shorter intervals while satisfying the ever increasing demands in performance, environmental impact and costs. In order to remain competitive, an automotive OEM must cope by applying continuous pressure to reduce cost and improve design while reducing deployment time.

CHALLENGE - Higher fidelity CAE models have allowed the shift towards zero prototyping, thus significantly compressing the design cycle. However, in order to run CAE assessments on any design changes, the current process requires the generation of CAD data from the designers. This brings a multistage process of design into CAE analysis which takes time to process and restricting the running of optimizations up-front.​

SOLUTION - By changing how attributes are handled, it’s possible to use the MDO approach for upfront simulation. The cross-attribute synchronization enabled by optimization platform like modeFRONTIER eliminates delays and late design fixes due to the sequential attribute analysis.     











BENEFITS - modeFRONTIER helps adopt the MDO approach from the early stages of the design process: it automates simulation tasks across attributes, explores the design space using advanced DOE and response surface algorithms and yields a better understanding of key design drivers. This enables real trade off analysis between various attributes and multiple objectives and a significant potential in reducing vehicle weight and maintaining performance.