Using modeFRONTIER for more efficient development of missile autopilot algorithm

Hezi Ben-Ari (Rafael)

CHALLENGE - Aerodynamic characteristics of modern missiles impose many challenges when designing autopilot algorithms. A missile autopilot algorithm is required to perform its tasks with 100% reliability on the first attempt, therefore verification and validation processes are crucial, but traditional design procedures are highly time-consuming, tedious, and not optimal. This presentation shows an innovative way to design an efficient and robust autopilot using MORDO methodology in modeFRONTIER.

SOLUTION - The problem is defined by 3 DOE variables, 6 stochastic variables, 1 objective and 8 constraints. 20 design samples are used in modeFRONTIER MORDO. Computations are made by Matlab. Results show 83 feasible robust designs. A better solution with higher gain margin while keeping rise time performance was reached.











BENEFITS Using modeFRONTIER, the processes of design, verification, and validation are combined into a single step, saving a great deal of time, while ensuring that the autopilot design is optimal. A robust design was found in a single iteration, design time cut by 50%-70% compared to traditional methods and post-processing reveals an even more robust solution than required.