Valutazione delle metodologie di ottimizzazione aerodinamica di un alettone per autovetture da Granturismo

Nicola Lorenzoni (Università degli studi di Pisa)

The paper presents the fluid-dynamic optimization of a spoiler used on a Gran Turismo car. The optimization is done with the  optimization software modeFRONTIER. In order to accurately attain the whole optimization modeFRONTIER was interfaced with various other software each necessary for a specific task. The first software used with modeFRONTIER was Matlab, through which it was possible to verify exact geometries of the arrangements proposed by the optimization algorithm. Then the most accurate arrangements were elaborated through the software Catia, through which was possible to achieve a parametric modeling of the spoiler to be analized, afterwards, in an aerodynamic environment. At the end of the optimization process STAR-CCM+ was used to solve the stream problem. The optimization with modeFRONTIER was implemented with two different optimization algorithms  and two different methods of design generation.