Offshore Platform Optimization

Matteo Bucchini (UNED)

CHALLENGE - A first analysis is required in the conceptual building phase of an offshore platform that is composed of 4 solid concrete piles with a diameter of 1.2m that support a steel platform. In the middle of the platform, a steel pipe of 1m diameter and a thickness of 10mm is connected and used to pump crude oil from the bottom of the sea.

SOLUTION - modeFRONTIER allowed to get the optimal design of the platform by keeping the vertical deflections of the floor under 10mm in the self-weight load case and minimize the weight of the platform through optimizing the dimensions of the following variables: a) the measurements of the reinforcements cross section; b) the thickness of the floor, which must be within the range 0.01-0.03m (increments of 5mm).

BENEFITS - From a first trial design, with a mass of 283610 kg, the optimization process has led to a design with a mass of 274140: this means a reduction of 3.34%. Moreover, from an initial vertical deformation of 6.9 mm, the new design has a value of 7.5 mm, 8.7% higher than the previous one.