Optimization: I do not think you know what that word means

Erich DeHoff

CHALLENGE -  While many techniques and tools are available to perform an optimization analysis, during the relative quick pace of automotive development the difficulty is having the time to use these tools to find an optimal solution considering the number of variables and types of analyses that need to be included in the process. The design and CAE process (from 3D Data to vehicle model build and baseline analysis) usually takes 4 - 8 weeks where all ideas are discussed at a weekly meeting. The challenge is to move from this so called "brutal optimization" to mathematical solutions.

SOLUTION - This presentation explain how Honda R&D Americas, Inc. performs many types of numerical optimization in the CAE Driven Development process:

  • Develop structure concept (Mule Car) > Topology optimization
  • Set basic structure (Basic Structure CAE) > Topography optimization
  • Detailed design optimization > Multi-Disciplinary Optimization 
  • Confirm final design (Design Fix CAE) > Robustness analysis (manufacturability and test variability)


BENEFITS - The Multi-Disciplinary Optimization performed in modeFRONTIER enables engineers at Honda R&D Americas to finish the simulation process in three weeks.