Performance of different optimization concepts for reactive flow systems based on combined CFD and response surface methods

Optimization of reactive flow systems, e.g. coal and biomass combustion, gasification or partial oxidation, is usually a multi-parameter problem, while geometry configurations (e.g. reactor dimensions, burner dimensions) and operating conditions (e.g. fuel mass flow, reactor temperature, cooling capability) mainly determine the process efficiency and profitability. 

Webinar | Integrating modeFRONTIER with Enventive and ANSYS Workbench

Enventive Engineering Inc. and ESTECO are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar to demonstrate the integration of modeFRONTIER, Enventive® , and Ansys Workbench to optimize the shape of an electrical connector.

ESTECO Webinar | Make your design optimization project run fast with modeFRONTIER and ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack

​ESTECO and ANSYS Product Managers demonstrate how the integration between Ansys HPC Parametric Pack and modeFRONTIER 2016 resulted in consistent time savings achieved at BorgWarner.

WEBINAR | modeFRONTIER 2016 & ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack for highly efficient design optimization for automotive applications​


ESTECO will demonstrate the benefits of using the new integration between Ansys HPC Parametric Pack and modeFRONTIER 2016 showing the consistent time savings achieved by  BorgWarner.

Heat transfer enhancement and optimization of flat-tube multilouvered fin compact heat exchangers with delta-winglet vortex generators

This paper presents heat transfer enhancement of multilouvered fin compact heat exchangers with delta winglets vortex generators by using surrogate-based optimization. The optimization procedure is a combination of Artificial Neural Networks with Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II) in modeFRONTIER. Two Reynolds numbers and two different geometries were investigated..

The Product Innovative Design Methodology Integrating Reverse Engineering with Optimization - A Case Study on Automotive Styling

Although many CAD systems exist, in the initial design phase of a product, it’s still a challenge to obtain a shape that meets aesthetic and physical performance requirements simultaneously. An innovative design methodology integrating reverse engineering (RE) with optimization is presented to settle this problem. RE is used to convert a clay model to a spline-based surface model. The final solution is found through a multi-objective genetic algorithm from modeFRONTIER.

Sensitivity analysis of CFD method with modeFRONTIER

In this thesis, the development of a new defroster duct system prototype is carried out. The suitability of using modeFRONTIER for sensitivity analysis has been investigated coupling ANSYS/FLUENT as a main solver. To study the numerical solution of the windscreen de-icing process, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method has been used. 

Evaluation of Railway Vehicle Car Body Fatigue Life and Durability using Multi-disciplinary Analysis Method

An integrated fatigue life and durability evaluation method based on multibody dynamics simulation (MBS) and finite element analysis for a locomotive car body is presented. A multi-disciplinary optimization algorithm is developed to handle the conflicting requirements of lightweight and good fatigue resistant car body structure designs. 

Ship Structure Optimization Using CAD-FEM Integration

In ship structural design optimization methodologies, are not yet widely implemented in industrial applications. In this paper two different studies are presented: the optimization of a double bottom structure and the optimization of the duct structure. In both cases the challenge was to create an automatic procedure integrating CAD generation, CAD transformations and FEM analysis.

Evaluation of Grinding Repair through modeFrontier RSM and Ansys Mechanical

CHALLENGE - This study aims at evaluating the effect of grinding repairing operation based on RSM capabilites in modeFRONTIERGrind repair is a method used by SACMI to repair the surface of cast iron structural components when affected by defects like porosities or inclusions.