Webinar | Integrating Prescan with modeFRONTIER for test automation of active safety systems

ESTECO and TASS International experts speak about the successful automation of Prescan test routines by combining it with modeFRONTIER. 

A Study on Reduction of Heat Loss by Optimizing Combustion Chamber Shape

A method to improve fuel consumption in diesel engines is to enhance their theoretical thermal efficiency by increasing their compression ratio. In this case, reducing heat loss to the chamber wall is important to effectively benefit from a high compression ratio. To meet this challenge the combustion chamber shape was optimized using CONVERGE and modeFRONTIER. 

RECORDING | Optimizing the Timing System on a Small 2-Wheeler Engine with GT-Suite and modeFRONTIER

Learn how Piaggio & C. exploited the state-of-the-art software technologies provided by ESTECO (modeFRONTIER) and Gamma Technologies (GT-SUITE) to improve the performance of a small two-wheeler engine.

Optimized Valvetrain System Boosts Two-wheeler Performance at Piaggio

The Piaggio Group is the largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles and one of the world leaders in its sector. The company’s R&D activities focus mainly on reducing the environmental impact of its products and improving vehicle efficiency, performance and passenger safety. For many years now, Innovation & Research engineers have been using modeFRONTIER to achieve these design objectives. 

Structural optimization of Metro Honolulu under all operative load conditions

Working on the design for the new Metro Honolulu car body, structural engineers at AnsaldoBreda had to push  technological boundaries to ensure compliance with top level quality standards and achieve weight and cost reductions. The final design, identified using modeFRONTIER, allowed AnsaldoBreda to reduce weight by 6% (228 Kg) and achieved better thickness variation uniformity, ultimately simplifying the manufacturing phase.

Designing Lighter Products with modeFRONTIER

Lighter products play a crucial role in reducing the impact of industry on the environment by cutting down the use of raw materials in the production phase and reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Read case studies from leading companies and research institutions who rely on the modeFRONTIER design optimization platform to develop lighter products or download the brochure.

Hybrid Electric Motors Optimization using modeFRONTIER

View case studies from top industry players have chosen ESTECO technology to effectively set up design tasks associated with EV/HEV systems and to quickly identify the right engineering strategies to cope with highly constrained design problems.

RECORDING | Optimizing the Polestar touring car performance with modeFRONTIER and Adams

Per Blomberg of Polestar presents a real-world case, "Optimizing Polestar touring car performance with modeFRONTIER and Adams​". Experts Roel Van De Velde and Yijun Fan, respectively from ESTECO and MSC Software, also discuss the advantages of combining their proprietary technologies.

modeFRONTIER bolsters Henniges Automotive's seal performance

Henniges Automotive uses modeFRONTIER optimization and robustness evaluation methods to improve seal design.

A New Automated Underhood Thermal Management CFD DoE Workflow with ModeFRONTIER

Ford engineers are challenged to find a cost efficient cooling system concept for the underhood thermal management that suits different powertrains and environments, respecting standards (NACA duct) and without compromising the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance. From a thermodynamics perspective, the problem to address regards the high temperatures deriving from the friction inside the PTU (Power Take-off Unit) and surrounding parts which can cause the oil to overheat.