ESTECO Webinar | Formula 1 Front Wing Composite Material Multi Objective Optimization Using Ansa, μeta and modeFRONTIER

​ESTECO and BETA CAE S.A. present the successful integration of their technologies to optimize the weight and the angle of attack of a Formula 1 front wing through a two-step approach​.​

Webinar | Optimization of a cargo ship rudder using the efficiency of the ANSA-modeFRONTIER-META coupling

The recording of the joint webinar held by ESTECO and BETA CAE and focused on the integration of the two companies' technologies is now online. How to exploit the Ansa and Meta capabilities and spot the best possible solution? Watch the recording to learn more on modeFRONTIER 4.5 new integration features,  BETA CAE new release v15 and how to integrate the software and benefit from joint analysis.​