ECS System Simulation - Architecture and Performance Optimization from the Early Phases of the System Design

This case study from Alenia Aermacchi’s Environmental Control System (ECS) department shows how the different design disciplines involved are handled effectively through process integration and automation, enabling the optimization of the overall performance from the early stages of system design.

Wing Optimization of regional aircrafts of Alenia Aermacchi by means of ModeFrontier

The scope of this work is the optimization of two different wings for the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA), with the aim to support preliminary design office during the definition of the most promising configuration. The main objectives of this work are: lowering fuel consumption and lowering the wing weight.

Optimizing the aerodynamics during the design of passenger cars-coupling CFD with modeFRONTIER

A method has been presented for the coupling of modeFRONTIER with CFD simulations for the aerodynamic optimization of car shapes in pre-design and design phase. The use of RSM and optimization algorithms allowed to find an optimal solution for several applications with a limited number of CFD simulations.

3D Shape Optimization For Supercritical Flow using modeFRONTIER

modeFRONTIER has been used for the complex optimization of several aspects of an experimental fuel cell-powered air vehicle, such as air intake, stability, external drag and profile


Environment-friendly aircraft stretches its wings with modeFRONTIER

In an ambitious collaborative venture, Alenia Aermacchi is heading the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) design team of the The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, committed to developing environmentally friendly aircraft. Domestic air travel of the future will meet demands for: weight reduction, aerodynamic efficiency, high level operative performance, compliance with emission standards, and respect of noise limits.