Design optimization of a composite car body

The presentation focuses on the design optimization of a composite car body

Integration of materials and engineering modelling getting down to atoms

The presentation focuses on the integration of materials and engineering modelling getting down to atoms

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The presentation focuses on how to inspire the next generation of engineers

Composites Structural Optimization modeFRONTIER + Ansys Composite Prepost

The proceeding focuses on the fact that composites structures can be optimized easily using ACP and modeFRONTIER just defining some free parameters as materials, number of layers, fiber orientation, etc. It is possible reduces weight and minimize the risk of failure, since modeFRONTIER deals with muitiobjetive optimization. A multidisciplinary optimization can be performed using a parametric geometry and CFD simulations couple with  Structural Analysis.

Simulations of the structural behavior of historical constructions

This presentation focuses on simulations of the structural behavior of historical constructions. Nowadays, architects and civil engineers increasingly have to make internal modifications to existing buildings. The modeFRONTIER  software application was used to analyze and find the optimal solutions for these alterations. 

LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER for Material Model Calibration at Automobili Lamborghini

The procedure described in this article allows to define reliable numerical material models for the accurate prediction of the static and dynamic behavior of real components (including those with complex-geometries), without performing dedicated experimental test campaigns.

Calibration and experimental validation of LS-DYNA composite material models by multi objective optimization techniques

In this example, the virtual prototyping procedure is tested to design and to predict reliability crashing behavior of motorcycle protective equipments. T he procedure adopted an integrated experimental-numerical method for the calibration of LS-DYNA input parameters for material model 58 and 63, by means of the integrated platform modeFRONTIER.

Strength Improvement to Composite T-Joints under Bending through Bio-inspired Design

This paper shows that a bio-inspired design methodology is an effective method to strengthen composite T-joints under bending loading, whose ply angles were tailored using an optimisation program mimicking the evolutionary process of adaptive growth.

Velocity Impact Damage on a Composite Plate

Laminate composite structures suffer from poor resistance to impact, resulting in internal damage that often cannot be detected by visual inspection, which may cause severe reductions in strength and increase under load. In order to simulate the impact event the LS-DYNA FE model was developed and coupled with modeFRONTIER.