CST European User Conference 2016

ESTECO is proud to sponsor the CST European User Conference 2016 that it will be held from April 25th to 27th in Strasbourg.

The Conference offers an informal and enlightening environment where CST STUDIO SUITE® users can exchange ideas and talk with CST staff about future developments.

Come and learn more about modeFRONTIER at the EnginSoft booth.

WEBINAR | CubeSat Satellite Antenna Array Optimization with modeFRONTIER and CST STUDIO SUITE

ESTECO and CST engineers demonstrate in detail the advantage of combining their proprietary technologies for various design applications, presenting a real-world case "Multi-objective optimization of a high gain, circularly polarized rectangular antenna array in the Ka band for CubeSat class satellites".

Multi-objective optimization for antenna design

Once the integration of the model in the optimization environment is done, all the optimization capabilities can be applied to improve the performance of the antenna. The optimization is a full batch process (no human intervention during the run phase), but can be constantly monitored from a “run-log” graphic console. Today multi-core PCs and clusters are able to carry out multi-objectives optimization of a complex model by a reasonable computational time.

Multiobjective Electromagnetic Optimization of RF components and systems

In this presentation one of the challenges to be accomplished by the simulation tool is the ability to contribute more and more to the increasing wish of a shorter time to market of the RF product. To this aim Multi-objective optimization has been considered, combining the strength of CST MWS2, one of the most applied 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, with modeFRONTIER 3.