Practical application of Optimization Technique to model-based vehicle development

This proceeding presents the design of thermal system strategy at the early stage of vehicle development where a practical simulation approach is investigated. The simulation is characterized by optimization technique for sensitivity analysis and model identification. By identifying four parameters, the thermal model could express complicated powertrain warm-up behavior. The simulation can predict heat flow from heat source to heat sink relating to the powertrain, as well as fluid temperature and fuel consumption.

Car style optimization by CFD and modeFRONTIER

Due to various difficulties in performing the classic aerodynamic optimization, a new RSM-based approach (Adaptive Multi-Stage Response Surface Modeling) has been developed, resulting in lower CFD calculation costs, more accurate response surfaces and sampling robustness

Automotive Aerodynamic Design Exploration Employing New Optimization Methodology Based on CFD

In the past few decades, a number of environmentally friendly technologies in the automotive industry have been developed. Automotive styling is also regarded as an important factor in resolving environmental issues by reducing drag force, which results in high fuel efficiency. This paper demonstrates an efficient automotive aerodynamic optimization process and automatic system based on CFD.